Indoor Air Quality That's Lightyears Ahead

NEWS / 2021. 05. 05.

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Indoor Air Quality That's Lightyears Ahead

When it comes to air purification and protecting your family’s indoor air quality, you have a choice. Cheap air filtration, which only captures particles of a certain size - collecting them till you can dispose of the filter; or true purification, where you destroy harmful organic particles and compounds as they cycle through your system. When the technology in Airocide was developed, what NASA needed was something much more comprehensive than filtration. They needed something that could truly purify the air. Now, that technology is available for your home, giving you a safe, simple way to manage indoor air quality on your terms. It’s all thanks to Airocide - discover the next-generation technology that sets this system apart from even the most advanced filtration on the market.


In an Airocide unit, what stands between harmful particles and better indoor air quality for you? It’s a technology called photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO. All Airocide units contain a catalyst bed and special lamps that run continuously. The catalyst bed is activated by light from the lamps, and releases special molecules called radicals that remain attached to the catalyst. These radicals react with organic particles in the air that’s drawn through the chamber (such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, spores, and more), destabilizing and destroying them. Only clean air is released, with absolutely no harmful emissions, meaning you and your loved ones can breathe easier, knowing you’re protected. 


Space travel is demanding, and everyday necessities become much more complicated when we leave the atmosphere. Growing food was one such necessity, and NASA had a key set of problems to address for astronauts aboard the space station. Plants produce a volatile organic compound, or VOC, known as ethylene gas naturally as they grow. In closed spaces, it speeds plant maturation and can cause rapid overripening or spoilage. Being a completely closed system, the space station recirculates air - and ethylene gas would easily build up in a system that could only filter particulates. That’s why NASA set about developing a solution that would eliminate ethylene gas. PCO was created, and with further testing it was determined to do much more than destroy VOCs. It eliminated bacteria and other organic compounds, too - making the air on the space station safer and even more pure.


PCO has been in use ever since, and its unique safety and effectiveness made it perfect for in-home use as well. At Airocide, we adapted this spacefaring technology to life here on earth, improving indoor air quality for families, businesses, and more with a variety of models. We have a unit to cover any space - take a look at our models and discover which ones are right for the spaces in your home. For true, next-generation air purification, you can’t settle for anything less - Airocide has technology powerful enough to protect your family.